Oleg Shevchenko

Oleg has more than 30 years of diverse experience in software, hardware and IT related projects, and business development in different sectors and countries. He is currently stationed in Ukraine as a partner and board member in several companies, and is also a shareholder in Ketchup EE, where he serves as managing partner and board member. Through his main company, System Integration, Oleg has executed many first of a kind projects in Ukraine such as introduction of the first POS terminals, first ATMs, and the first processing center. He also represented several multinational brands like IBM in Ukraine, after working with IBM in Germany professionally for many years. He started and managed many government projects which changed the way the government operated in the 1990s. In more recent years, Oleg was a leading figure in establishing prominent new projects, such as N-Pay, an electronic payment company primarily serving mobile operators as well as the Ukrainian National Lottery. From its establishment, N-Pay became a leading player in the market, present in more than 25.000 points in Ukraine and enabling transaction volumes well over 1B UAH per year. He also introduced the magnetic card based gift certificate concept with brand name DaruYou, which is present in more than 1.000 redemption points in Ukraine with close to 300 partner brands who serve thousands of corporate and individual users. Oleg also took the leading role in introducing the Software-As-A-Service model in loyalty software platforms for banks and loyalty card operators. He is a native Ukrainian, speaks fluent English and German.

Team Members
  • Yalçın Onur
    CEO & Founder
  • Oleg Shevchenko
  • Ani Elmaoğlu
  • Timofey Zamuriy
  • Kurt Onur
  • Korhan Aydın
  • Ergün Birol
    Board Member
  • Mahmut Kuşçu
  • Altan Bulur
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