Timofey Zamuriy

Timofey possesses 20 years long business experience in various management roles within sales and marketing in such industries as FMCG, retail operations and marketing research and consulting. His main areas of professional interest are client service and customer value management.

Timofey’s previous successful projects and assignments were (1996-2016):

•Key account management in Procter&Gamble and Wrigley
•Sales and marketing management in IDS Borjomi Group
•International sales and marketing responsibility in Nemiroff Ukrainian Vodka company
•Commercial director of the international logistics provider FM Logistic
•Marketing director, Board member in Premiera retail network (Russia)
•Managing director of the Belgian market research agency iVOX in Ukraine.

Timofey has taken over the responsibility as Chief Operating Officer of Ketchup Loyalty Marketing Company in Eastern Europe since April 2016. His mission is the ensuring perfect client service and operational excellence for the Ketchup’s projects in Ukraine.

He is a native Ukrainian, speaks English fluently. 

Team Members
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  • Timofey Zamuriy
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