Yalçın Onur
CEO & Founder

Yalçın has 15 years of professional and entrepreneurial know-how and experience in business development, marketing and sales. He started his career with Tekfen Eurobank, ABN Ambro and Wunderman. Yalçın worked at Wunderman, his point of entry into the marketing world, for 3 years initially as CRM Consultant, and then as Strategy Head for Loyalty Programs. Today, he enjoys the well-earned position of being a prominent figure in the loyalty world, with more than 40 international awards for the projects Ketchup has executed and managed. He is currently the CEO and President of Ketchup Group.

Team Members
  • Yalçın Onur
    CEO & Founder
  • Oleg Shevchenko
  • Ani Elmaoğlu
  • Timofey Zamuriy
  • Kurt Onur
  • Korhan Aydın
  • Ergün Birol
    Board Member
  • Mahmut Kuşçu
  • Altan Bulur
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