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Headquartered in Istanbul, Ketchup is a pioneer in loyalty management & consultancy, creating and conducting end-to-end loyalty programs to target, engage, reward and retain customers for clients in Turkey, Eastern Europe and Gulf Regions.

With more than 100 employees Istanbul, Kiev and Dubai, Ketchup has designed and managed many different loyalty programs for a wide range of global clients (Vodafone, Coca-Cola, Volvo, BP, MasterCard etc) so far. Under the leadership of a seasoned team, we solely focus on engaging and retaining your customers while intending to bring a unique point of view to your marketing strategies with our strong expertise in loyalty.

Ketchup is a distinguished member of the loyalty and customer management community, being a member of Loyalty360 (USA) and the founding member of Loyalty360 EU. Due to its relations with the community, Ketchup has an access to the latest innovations in addition to the concepts and technology its develops, which is key for the success for leading loyalty programs. Ketchup also keeps investing in loyalty related technology and media firms in order to broaden its services around the globe.
Darülaceze Caddesi, Akın Plaza No: 3/9 34382 Şişli / İstanbul / Turkey
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+90 (212) 346 32 32
  • Yalçın Onur
    CEO & Founder
  • Korhan Aydın
    General Manager
  • Kurt Onur
  • Ergün Birol
    Board Member
  • Ani Elmaoğlu
  • Mahmut Kuşçu
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